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We are a nationwide moving and storage company with excellent long distance moving experience and competitive pricing. Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We offer moving services and many other moving related services to help with your transition.

Call us at (323) 244-4399 and our office employees will provide you with an estimate and will be happy to answer all your moving and storage questions. Please ask your representative to describe our current special offers at the time of your call!

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9 Comments on "USA Logistics"

  1. Aldrich Sanchez | February 11, 2020 at 4:10 pm |

    Bye bye High taxes, hello AZ.

    I am so glad that my move is over, from Irvine CA to AZ during tough weather. These guys are very professional. The foreman Ben, assured me my chandelier would arrive safe. This item has been passed down through generations and it is a very emotional piece to our family. My heart was relieved when they unwrap my furniture and saw that even the baby grand piano was in perfect condition. When that chandelier came out of that crate they made for it. I immediately tipped the guys, it was my only real concern and the crew took care of me.

    Usually I am ok and expecting damages in this industry but these guys honestly did a flawless job. I would recommend USA Logistics to anyone with sentimental values.

  2. Travis Hoopes | November 20, 2019 at 5:53 pm |

    Do Not Use At All Costs.

    Original Est. to move my 550 Sqft tiny home was $1,180. I sent a detailed inventory list & map of the location prior to receiving their estimate. I do not live at the property any longer & indicated that multiple times but was treated as if I was on site & could meet movers within a moments notice. I gave the landord info multiple times to coordinate. Movers didn’t show up the date they indicated at scheduling. They notified me they would be at the house a day later at 6 am. Not knowing if the Landlord could be there or not I reminded that I was not there and could not guarantee that time. I was then told I never gave a contact for them & if I wanted to move it would be then or not at all. I made arrangements with the landlord (lives 2 hours away) to meet that time frame. They arrived after 10 am and my estimate doubled to $2,300. They then told me I had to pay cash for 60% of the move then when my contract said 50% & offered MoneyGram wire through Walmart. They informed me of an arrival the following day to deliver. It will be a week & I still have not received my property. The landlord contacted me saying half my stuff was left at the property so I contacted the USA Logistics to complain & seek a solution. They indicated they moved everything I told them. So not only am I being charged double the cost of the move but I’m only getting 50% of what I asked to have moved. The response was “Do you want what we have or not?” Warning: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! So I will pay two moving companies & pay to receive my property then take this company to small claims. (This experience was far worse than anything I’ve ever experience before but I won’t bore with any more details. This should give enough information to make your decision about the company.)

  3. Maria Gauci | April 12, 2019 at 4:10 pm |

    Run Screaming in The Night.

    Everything negative that was said here is true and more. I had boxes, few bins and few pieces of luggage and four small items and they wanted to almost double the price upon pick-up. They are scammers as they are nice at first even though they already give you an inflated quote, but sound real professional, so you trust them – bait tactic – then when confronted they make it look like they are giving you a discount as a favor. No discount at all, they are legally not supposed to inflate the cost more than 10% of the original quote and that is still highway robbery.

    They do not do what you tell them. They broke items and lost items and they treat your items like they are tossing garbage. Most of my boxes where banged, torn and ripped open.Also dirty and full of dust!! Wonder how many times they were shifted and shafted, since they messed up on the storage request as well. Their staff is horrible and disrespectful including the manager by the name of TOM. Deplorable is an understatement.

  4. Adrienne Hollie | February 15, 2019 at 4:09 pm |

    Conflicting Contracts, Items Held Hostage

    Great until they have your money. And they will find a way to continue to screw you. I’d sell my belongings and start over before I hired them again.

    The contract upon deposit charges by weight. Once items were in the truck they surprised me with a new contract, with charges based on size, adding $600 to my cost. The manager said guests are often confused and bothered.

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USA Logistics are a nationwide moving and storage company with excellent long distance moving experience and competitive pricing. The company is fully licensed, bonded and insured.