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270 NE 183rd St Unit B, Miami, FL 33179MiamiFloridaUnited States
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Our mission is to provide you with exceptional service from A to Z! Our professional staff and crew take moving personal and we understand we're not just moving boxes but your lives. When the long road is ahead, our clients trust Route 66 Moving and Storage to get them there. Services offered include:

  •  Local Moving
  •  State To State Moving
  •  Business Relocation
  •  Storage Friendly
  •  Uniformed Movers
  •  Clean Shiny Trucks
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10 Comments on "Route 66 Moving and Storage"

  1. Had terrible experience!!

    The moving truck hit my neighbor’s car. Definitely not a good way to meet the neighbors. I was still charged for the full price ( even though they were talking to neighbor and police for part of it). The quote was significantly off from what we were charged (lots of hidden charges for “packing” even though we prepacked everything. They charge a crazy amount for tape and wrapping they did of one TV and dressers that I didn’t realize you could get charged for them using tape on a dresser ? They did not inform or ask us if we wanted to use there tape for the one item we had plenty of tape”. Took way longer then expected almost all day for 2 bedrooms worth of furniture, dining room (buffet and table), 1 couch and 2 chairs. Additionally they put a hole in my wall carrying the couch in and scratched the floors. The claim process is difficult as well and can not be done electronically yet they require pictures. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE ! You will be charged significantly more then quote.

  2. Best Movers !

    I recently moved my family of 4 and this was one of the most nerve wracking experiences one should ever have to deal with. I did my research and called all of the major companies, but none put me at ease like interstate moving did. Right after I requested a quote online, a gentleman contacted me from n movers. I was surprisingly shocked with the service.

  3. Shauna Bruno | February 12, 2020 at 5:27 pm |

    They are liars BEWARE.

    I was quoted a rate and it ended up being triple! Don’t know where my stuff is!! Unprofessional and scared it may not get to me! They left me no receipt and charged me triple and quoted to show up at certain date and they said 30 day window. They left behind items and charged me triple! BEWARE.

  4. Lisa Bradley | February 12, 2020 at 5:25 pm |

    Route 66 Moving And Storage did a great job!!

    Route 66 Moving And Storage was a good choice for us. Our entire household was accounted for and the estimate was well within our budget for moving. Everything was transported smoothly and the moving company clearly had traveled far to get to us. It all went well and nothing was damaged. Highly recommended.

  5. Laisa Pertet | January 25, 2020 at 5:24 pm |

    Horrible Scammers.

    This was the worst moving experience I have ever had. I was moving back to NY from Miami Nov 29, 2019. Over the phone I was promised this company would pack my belongings including my mattress and TVs with protective covering and packing materials. They provided none of that. They almost forgot two whole draws worth of items in my apartment, thankfully I double checked. They had my fragiles placed on top of each other because they could not wrap them. Then the first person who booked my reservation forgot to add me to the roster for the day because he put the wrong day on the contract. He stopped answering his direct number after he took my first payment. After I was moved into the truck the movers demanded $500 more than the agreed upon rate for extra space in the truck. He did not pack my things tightly on purpose. Come to find out they repack my items at a warehouse tightly between Miami and NY. I spoke to a supervisor and then was not required to pay. Then upon arrival in NY they took the covering off my TVs and sofa so they are now exposed in my storage unit. I was promised they would let me keep it. I should’ve just rented a UHaul and packed my own items never again. I almost had to overstay my lease due to the date mix up by Chris Anderson.

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